The pain research at Aalborg University was established in 1985. Today SMI is among the most productive centers in the field of translational experimental and clinical pain research. The aim is to develop precise mechanistic pain biomarkers (including quantitative sensory testing and experimental pain models) for profiling of pain patients and new pain compounds.


SMI offers a unique combination of technology, pharmacology, and medicine with the aim of developing and profiling new therapeutic approaches. The basic human pain research projects often involve experimental sensitization models applied to the skin, muscles, and viscera. Clinical studies are currently focusing on musculoskeletal pain in particular osteoarthrosis.


SMI has established research collaborations with approximately 40 national and international pharmaceutical companies, research centers, and hospitals. SMI receives external funding from national research and research training programs, private foundations, international programs (EU and NIH), and collaborations with industry. Overall, SMI has over the years published more than 900 scientific publications in the area of pain; 50% of these publications have been made in cooperation with international partners.


SMI has approximately 1,500 m2 of offices, 23 fully equipped laboratories with a total area of ​​650 m2. Approximately 50% of 80 researchers working at SMI are from abroad. SMI has extensive experience within clinical trials.