The Danish Pain Trial Center comprises a national network of basic and clinical research groups from all five regions of Denmark with a physical anchor-point at Aalborg University.


Chronic pain represents a major societal burden with approx. 1 million lost workdays per year in Denmark alone corresponding to an economical loss of EUR 1 billion. Globally, this challenge is addressed by approx. 150 pharmaceutical companies who develop novel analgesics to the steadily expanding analgesics market of EUR 50 billion in 2014.

Denmark has a strong position in early clinical trials in pain management as evidenced by the fact that 5% of the registered global clinical trials are carried out in Denmark. The combination of scientific excellence and a proactive Danish regulatory body has made Denmark a key global player within development and implementation of innovative methods for (1) prediction of the individual's vulnerability to develop chronic pain; and (2) biomarker profiling of patients with chronic pain.


The purpose of The Pain Trial Center is to help the pharmaceutical industry and at the same time highlight Denmark as the most attractive choice for early clinical trials of analgesics; the main priorities of The Danish pain Trial Center being national recruitment of patients in various pain categories and innovation related to patient and drug profiling.


Development and implementation of mechanism-based pain profiling is a relatively new concept due to the lack of sufficient technologies and biomarkers for assessment of the pain mechanisms involved in development and maintenance of chronic pain.


To ensure successful development of new analgesics it is mandatory to assess 1) which mechanisms are involved in different chronic pain conditions and 2) which mechanisms are modulated by a given compound and how efficiently this is done.


Over the last decade, Danish pain researchers have provided new insight into the areas on which The Pain Trial Center is based. Through national coordination, the center will ensure rapid integration of new scientific results within drug profiling, both in the form of tools and trial designs, in the clinical trial practice.


Denmark has a leading international position within development and application of pain biomarkers: no other country offers the unique research-based national infrastructure to support early clinical trials of analgesics.