The Pharmacotherapy Section is part of the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Copenhagen University.


The research projects within The Pharmacotherapy Section are aiming at clarifying the mechanisms influencing the individual patient’s responses to drug exposure.


The section is divided in two groups:


Bioanalytical Chemistry and Metabolomics Group hosting Copenhagen Small Molecule NMR Centre – a national leading facility for advanced bioanalytical NMR spectroscopy. The center is equipped with two 600 MHz NMR instruments with cryo‐probes, HPLC‐SPE hyphenation and sample robotics, in addition to a 400MHz instrument. One of the systems is also equipped with an ESI‐OTOF‐HRMS. 


The Quantitative Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics group (QCPaP) focuses its research on model‐based quantitative descriptions of drug absorption, disposition, metabolism, excretion efficacy and safety in relation to disease physiology and progression. The methodological hallmark for the research is computational modelling and simulation including non‐linear mixed effects (‘population’) models, genetic fuzzy systems and agent‐based modelling to link drug administration route and dosage forms to plasma concentration-time profiles, efficacy, effectiveness and side effects and to describe and ultimately predict pre‐clinical or clinical outcomes of drug treatment.